Simple. Professional. Affordable.

Who am I?
In 2006, I submerged myself in to the world wide web and began exploring the technologies available to launch my first business. Inspired by a friend in the United States who had achieved similar, at just 14 I produced an online text-based role play game and was turning over a modest £15,000 a year. I quickly realised I had a natural talent for website development and continued my study through college and in to the real world where I have been involved in both small and large web deployments.

11 years later, I am a successful software developer in my day job and have decided to start this new online venture with the intention of providing website creation and development services for small businesses in Somerset. – based in Wincanton, Somerset

My Skills
HTML 95%
JavaScript 75%
WordPress 90%
PHP 80%
MySQL 85%