Google Ads campaign set up and management

Get fast transparent results with Google Ads pay-per-click

There are a lot of companies out there who claim to do pay-per-click campaign management. In my experience, they are usually there to take you for a ride. I have seen cases where they have just “winged it” and don’t necessarily have the training or qualifications to make your campaign a success. They are happy to receive their monthly fee for doing next to nothing while your profits take a hit paying for expensive Ad campaigns that aren’t giving you the results you expect.

Well…not me!

Google Ads  Certified

I am a sole trader and I value my customers, providing a personalised service that focuses on quality and delivering results. I am trained and certified by Google in Google Ads Search and Google Ads Shopping campaign set up and management so you know that your campaign will be configured following best practice.

For extra peace of mind, I use Google Analytics to measure traffic flow and conversion data to ensure that the campaigns I manage are working as intended. This data I can pass on to you for complete transparency.

I can provide my certificates on request.

Search Campaigns

A search campaign helps your business stand out against other organic search results. Your paid text ad will appear either above or below the unpaid, organic results when you search relevant keywords in Google.

Not only will you see better results from that of regular SEO, you will be able to outbid and outrank your competitors, giving you the edge to succeed.

Shopping Campaigns

A shopping campaign is an essential for your ecommerce online store. Your products will appear at the top of the Google search results when keywords related to your products are matched.

It promotes your products more than a typical text ad or organic search result would and shopping campaigns are proven to deliver better click-through rates to your website.

You will have the ability to showcase your products to a local, national or global audience that you define.

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